About Me

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Hello beauties and welcome to Lovely Leanings! My name is Maegan and I’m a wife and first-time mama in constant pursuit of all things lovely. I’m a big believer in living a healthy, inspired and passionate life. I blog about valuing and cultivating life’s everyday luxuries, many of which are in steep decline in the Internet, social media-driven society in which we live. Over time, I’ve noticed that many of the joyous things in our lives have become synthetic for the sake of convenience  – our food, our relationships, entertainment etc. I feel that returning to and prioritizing the little gems – books, cultural pursuits, kindness, quality over quantity, nature, civic engagement and healthy home-cooked meals savored over stimulating conversation and good wine – leads to a more enriched, fulfilling life. And thus, Lovely Leanings was born.

Lovely Leanings is about rediscovering what makes life truly beautiful and inspiring – and soaking up every bit of it. So if you find yourself a bit uninspired and in need of a little soul restoration, I hope you’ll pour yourself a glass of wine and stay awhile!

The Woman Behind the Blog
I love blogging and connecting with other bloggers and readers alike, but I’ve always found the “About Me” section to be the most daunting task. In short, I am best described as an unapologetic book hoarder, coffee addict (courtesy of my toddler) and cultural enthusiast, with a penchant for classic dresses and sarcasm. In lieu of a drawn-out “This is who I am” page, I hope you get to know me through my blog! Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with a few fun facts about me!

  • In the last five years, I’ve lived in Providence, Boston, Delaware, San Francisco Bay and Kansas (twice)
  • I have my Masters in History and hope to return to school one day for my Ph.D
  • I harbor an incurable addiction to books, tear-inducing spicy food and science documentaries
  • I’m an amateur wannabe chef who loves creating healthy recipes and cooking from scratch
  • Cheese and wine are my Achilles heel
  • I’m a hopeless introvert
  • I get cabin fever if I stay in one place for too long (a condition I’ll have to overcome now that I have a daughter and a mortgage)
  • My husband and I are teaching ourselves Latin, chess and the piano because couples that nerd out together stay together (and raise awesome kids)
  • I am painfully uncomfortable in front of the camera, which makes blogging interesting
  • I love participating in 30-day challenges – reading, cooking, fitness, you name it
 Lastly, I’m genuinely happy you’re here!