Happy New Year’s!

Happy New Year, dear readers! I don’t think I’ve ever been so thrilled to embrace a new year! New Year’s has always been my absolute favorite holiday because I love the hope and possibilities that a blank slate brings. That being said, you might have guessed that I’m one of those people who love making resolutions and you would be correct. I enjoy setting personal challenges, writing them out and unabashedly posting them all over the house for encouragement (read: to shame me into the follow through). As I’ve gotten older though, I realize the premise of a New Years goal is a bit silly because it seems like a terrible waste of time to put off making positive changes in our lives. So instead of making a resolution this year, I’m going to retire my embarrassing post-it note collection and resolve to simply strive for more in 2017.

Of what, I’m not exactly sure. But I’m beginning with more of what brings fulfillment and joy to my life and my family. More adventure. More simplicity. Being more present. Being braver. Healthier. More generous. Crossing new thresholds. More grace and less mom guilt. Writing more frequently. And perhaps the most difficult of all, living more authentically. I’d love to hear what ambitions you have slated for the upcoming year!

I hope your holidays were spent surrounded by warmth and love, and that 2017 brings you more of what you seek! Best wishes and Happy New Year!


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