Ten Best Things in Life That Aren’t Things – Holiday Edition

Happy December, everyone! The holidays are finally upon us! I know the end of the year can be a busy, stressful time for everyone. But it’s also one of the most enchanting and festive periods of the year! Like autumn, the wintry months and atmosphere have their own special magic, and focusing too much on the hustle and bustle of gift buying and holiday deals often detracts from it.

I’m definitely not immune to the pressures stemming from the holidays. The perfect gift, the exquisite menu, the glamorous Christmas party outfit, etc. Whenever I get too involved in the trivialities, I take a mental time out and focus on all my favorite seasonal accoutrements.

I hope that during moments of holiday stress, this list helps you take a step back and examine a few of the many non-commercial festivities that bring life and joy to this season.

  1. The intoxicating scent of pine trees, roaring fires and cinnamon spice
  2. Driving through a sea of glittery lights, lights and more lights
  3. Getting all dolled up for holiday parties
  4. Turning off all the lights at night to watch fresh fallen snow
  5. A glass of wine, a box of tissues and Love Actually on repeat
  6. Seeing Christmas morning through your child’s eyes
  7. Engaging in more acts of charity, goodwill and kindness
  8. Christmas ballets, symphonies and theater productions
  9. Indulging in old Christmas traditions and forging new ones
  10. Reconnecting with long-distance family and friends via holiday cards and long-awaited visits

Let the celebrating begin!

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