DIY Christmas Noel Sign (For Pinterest Failures Like Me)

I don’t know about you ladies, but I can’t believe how quickly the holidays are approaching! I was reminded this week that we only have 5 Mondays left until Christmas and quickly went into panic mode. I’ve always been annoyed when Christmas decorations appear immediately after Halloween and always follow a strict no Christmas decorating, music listening, cookie eating rule until the day after Thanksgiving. But this year just feels more sorrowful and I’m ready for some holiday cheer. Since we’re not celebrating Thanksgiving locally this year, I decided to at the very least take Christmas inventory and stock up on decorations for December.

As a southern-born, New England transplant living in the Midwest, I’ve been dreaming about a snowy, tartan-themed Christmas for weeks now. I love this holiday style because it’s the perfect combination of New England prep and southern vintage. It represents everything Christmas should be – cozy, warm and inviting with a touch of elegance.

So I hit the ground running to find the right accents I was missing.

Ladies…why are decorations so expensive? After hitting up a few places and weighing just how exasperated Alan would be with me if I brought home hundreds of dollars worth of Christmas pillows and plaid novelties, I threw in the towel and decided to tap into my very limited creative side. I fell in love with this sign at Pier 1, and it looked simple enough to create for less, so I headed to Michaels to buy materials.

Disclaimer 1: I am a chronic failure when it comes to DIY anything. Every Pinterest-inspired project I’ve attempted in the past has been met with varying degrees of humiliation. So hopefully this widely known fact will serve as encouragement that if I can do it, you can perfect it!

Disclaimer 2: You can tell I’m not a fluent DIY-er because I meant to take pictures along every step of the way, but forgot after I finished painting. But it’s pretty straightforward and versatile, so I’ll walk you through it.


For the materials, you will need

1 heavy wooden Noel sign
1 wooden plank board
2 berry sprigs
2 pine sprigs with pinecones (only one shown in above pictures)
1 small bottle of acrylic red paint
Hot glue gun
1-inch paint brush

All in all, I spent less than $30.

To assemble

Place your sign on an old blanket, towel or newspaper. Trust me, no matter how gentle your brush strokes are, you will get paint everywhere. Paint the entire sign and set out to dry.

Center the dry sign horizontally toward the back end of the plank so that there is plenty of room to affix the pine and berries in front of the upright Noel sign. Use your glue gun to firmly plant it in place.

Place the pointy plastic ends of the pine sprigs toward each other so that they overlap, and push them together until the tips are no longer visible. When you’re happy with how the pine fits, hot glue them together to create a single cohesive branch. Affix the branch to the center of the plank in front of the phrase and glue it in place. Glue any random sprigs to the board to create a fuller appearance.

Tuck the pointy end of your berries into either side of the pine branch until the plastic is hidden. There’s no need to apply glue unless you really want to.


And, voila! A sturdy, festive and inexpensive addition to your holiday decor!


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