Sweat the Small Stuff

Ever notice how the little things in life can have such a large impact? Small accessories can add dramatic flair to an outfit and a kind word or deed from a stranger can leave you smiling for the rest of the day. Sometimes we put too much stock on the big picture, which overshadows the little things that can elevate a typically ho-hum day to a great one.

I’m ashamed to say that sometimes it takes a hellish day to be reminded of the power of the little things. For instance, the other evening I was drawing a bath and I was in the laundry room grabbing my pajamas (because yes, I still haven’t folded all my clean laundry). I returned to the bathroom to discover a candle lit oasis and glass of wine by the tub, compliments of my husband. It was a small gesture – but it spoke a hundred words. It told me he loved me. It demonstrated how considerate he was of the day I had, even though he works hard every day too. It told me I was important to him, as was my happiness. And it showed me that he pays attention to how I prefer to take my baths, even if I don’t put forth the effort myself. And with that, he left me feeling all the feels and the stress of the day melted away.

With this in mind, the wheels in my head started turning and I began to think of all of the little things that occur during the day that I sometimes overlook.

For example, every morning when Lorelai wakes up, the first thing we do is stop at the landing at the top of the stairs and look at the sunrise. We marvel at the pink, blue and orange hues and how handsome the day is shaping up to be. It’s a small daily ritual, but I love that the picturesque sunrise is the first thing she sees in the morning, and discussing its beauty sets the tone for the day. (It’s also a great way to get her talking about colors, so bonus points for hitting her with a little education first thing in the morning.)

Some other seemingly mundane highlights that add more life to my day include random affectionate texts from my husband and sister, baby bump updates from my cousin (who is more like a sister), and spontaneous, unprompted kisses from my sleepy daughter right before naptime.

So in the spirit of appreciating small, but important, moments that brighten your day, I hope you’ll take some time to make a running list of the little things in your life that you most appreciate. Better yet, consider some of the ways a simple gesture might add some joy to the life of a stranger or those you love. Happy Monday!

What are some of the little ways you add spice to your day?

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